Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the warranty of Atmocube units?

Atmocube comes with a 12-month product warranty. 

Do Atmocube sensors require manual recalibration?

Atmocube sensors have automatic self-calibration, cleaning, and data normalisation algorithms, ensuring long-term stability without requiring manual action from users. However, we offer a yearly sensor maintenance subscription if your project requires annual sensor calibration or replacement.

Will Atmocube help us comply with WELL, RESET, Fitwel, LEED, and other green building standards?

Yes. You can earn additional points for real-time air quality monitoring for some standards.

How can I connect and power Atmocube?

Atmocube supports WiFi, RS-485 (Modbus RTU), and Ethernet for data transfer. The powering options are USB type-c, PoE, and 24V AC/DC.

Can we access data from multiple Atmocubes simultaneously?

Yes. The Atmocube Cloud Dashboard allows you to connect and access data from multiple devices.

How can my visitors learn about indoor air quality?

Atmocube helps you be transparent with your space visitors about the air quality in two ways. You can showcase the data on ouror/mobile device e-ink screen or any other monit using the display mode. 

How many Atmocubes do we need for our building?

We recommend installing one monitor per 3500 square feet of open space for accurate readings.

Who can I ask questions which aren’t covered here?

Please email us at with any other questions.

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